ICFR North West District Spring Moot

24th to 26th March

Our District has become much larger recently, making the distance to travel to great for just Sunday Lunch.

This year we have decided to hold our district meeting at a lunch, as part of a three day Moot at Chipping.

We hope that this will encourage district members to attend, especially those that have not attended in the past.

This is not a rally, there is no organised programme, except for the meeting which will be held at the Tillys Pub in Chipping.

This Moot has been cancelled due to the ongoing Covid 19 situation,

Because we have all booked individually with the Lynda at Brickhouse,

If you wish you can still visit the site on the days you booked but there will be no meeting.

Contact Lynda Gornall the site owner by telephone on 0199561747.

There will be no cost to cancel.

NW District Moot Chipping Site Details Location